Back When I Ruffled Feathers … Not So Long Ago

The complete, full article is no longer floating around on the internet, but I found a few professional journals that refer to it. The first part of the article is available on HighBeam Research, and if you are a subscriber you can get the works. (link below).

When Internal Auditor Magazine published this, I wasn’t the most popular internal auditor around. Compliance personnel, like everyone else, doesn’t want to be messed with or audited.  I found a few similar articles along the same lines: “Have You Audited Your HR Function Lately?” and “Have You Audited Your Digital Assets Lately?” This theme could expand into a series: “Have You Audited Anything Lately?”

I like my imaginary novel world more than business and audit report writing. My original book idea was nonfiction on rogue trading, but the project never got going, and the muse didn’t show. And now, she threatens to kill me if I do.

Have You Audited Your Compliance Department Lately?   Key areas to consider when measuring one of internal auditing’s control counterparts in the organization

AUTHOR(S): Stensgaard, Karen J.
 PUB. DATE: April 2002
SOURCE:  Internal Auditor;Apr2002, Vol. 59 Issue 2, p45
SOURCE TYPE: Academic Journal (Monthly Global Professional Magazine)
A few references to my article:  (Glad it was of use! I didn’t publish another one since my current employer wasn’t happy it didn’t go through all the red tape aka protocols.)

What do you think?

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