USS Murtha (Not Martha!)

Sunday we stopped off at Penn’s Landing on the Delaware River in Philadelphia to tour the brand new U.S. Navy ship, the USS John P. Murtha. She was christened on Saturday in honor of the late Pennsylvania congressman and decorated Marine veteran. The ship is huge and from a distance looks like a space-age gray fortress with two massive towers. (See photo below when we were leaving to cross the overpass on Walnut Street.) Former sailor and my very own hubby offered up some intel: she is built like this to withstand whatever gets lobbed at her. I’m hoping nothing hits her or even tries.


We arrived not long after special tours began that ended later that afternoon. But after waiting an hour or so on a gray, cold, windy day and not getting much closer to the entrance, I went to investigate. I asked around near the security and x-ray station, but things were at a standstill and the situation looked bleak.

A Navy sailor told me the tide was low, so this caused problems with the specialized equipment used for people to board the ship. I joked about swimming over instead, but he didn’t seem to follow my suggestion. So I opted not to ask what happened to an old-fashioned gang plank. I asked him about the tour, but he didn’t know much about it. The young man was proud to add, “that’s my home.” Sadly that was as close as we got.


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