Night Market @ Philly Navy Yard

In early October we went to our first Philly night market and the grand finale at Philly’s historic Navy Yard. But don’t be too upset if you missed it. They’re returning next year! And it’s a great way to exchange the ordinary for the extraordinary without having to pack or leave town. You get to see a different hood and nosh on something special. Plus, it’s all for a good cause.

While waiting in line for a brew, since after all Philly is a beer town, we glanced around enjoying the live music. A woman attached an armband around our wrist so we could wander freely with a beer. I teased her about checking my ID like the guys in front of us, and she offered to even though I was probably old enough to be her mom. Sweet girl!

When I told her this was our first visit, she smiled, welcomed us and said, “This is my favorite location.” The Navy Yard is a hip destination for businesses, including Philly’s well-known Anthropologie, and just south of downtown. The shipyard dates back to 1776 (yes, that old!) on the Delaware River sandwiched between the Eagles Football Stadium –aka Lincoln Financial Field – and the PHL international airport.

img_2619Sunset over some old navy ships and food trucks. 

The night market isn’t your typical market at all: it’s a giant feeding fest filled with food trucks, food stands, and a few live bands. Many of the trucks are what I call “indie urban.” Something new and often organic but not quite what you’d see on a traditional farm. Trendy but tasty.

Hubby was plenty happy there wasn’t real shopping involved that he had feared and confessed to me later. The markets he knew required lots of browsing through merchandise and usually for me, more looking than buying. He tends to buy things we don’t need to help the locals, but tonight, not a problem!

I know you are probably hungry by now and dying to know what we ate. We both had the same dish from an innovative food truck – Mac n’ Cheese with Pulled Pork BBQ. And for dessert – I got an ice cream sandwich with peanut butter ice cream between gourmet chocolate cookies. So frozen I ate it on the drive home. Delish!


My Great Dane and a real one waiting for ice cream sandwiches. Neither were interested in posing. (Fun trivia: In Denmark/Danish, they say this in French: ‘Grand Danois’)

The night markets are first Thursday evening affairs, and that schedule will probably continue in 2017 and rotate all over the city. And the main reason I convinced old sailor boy hubby – to see the hyped Navy Yard. And the bonus for me, escaping a routine dinner at home. The night markets will begin once we thaw out after what I hope is a mild Philadelphia winter.

The Food Trust, a national nonprofit, is focused on healthy food and oversees the market. Link to sign up for emails:


Goodnight. Fair winds & engines!


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