Debut Novel AQUAVIT on Amazon Scout

I’m not much of a marketer since I never got around to putting an update on my website about my very first book AQUAVIT. So here goes. Until March 5th, if you nominate my book and Amazon selects it, you will get a free e-book. But it’s a big if, not just big, more like a huge all cap IF. Still worth a try to get that Amazon muscle marketing to help push my little book along in the vast watery web. And good prep for eventual self-publishing and learning more about this do-it-yourselfer journey of my own.


The background of my cover is a mosaic I made years ago that is now a side table. I took the photograph of the ship on my “aquavit” bottle while onboard another sailing ship on the Delaware River last year.

Link to Aquavit in Amazon Scout  This link to Amazon’s Scout site will give you lots of details about my book,  information about me, and answers to three questions. But don’t get too excited. They aren’t life changing questions or answers. And you might find two other books to nominate besides mine.

P.S. In case you were wondering, the bottle doesn’t contain a message, at least not yet. Stay tuned for book two in the series.


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