Libraries Round the World: Perfect for Planet Mars?​

Believe it or not, the main library in Phoenix, Arizona, looks like something out of a sci-fi film. A space station with books located on one of our planets. A place in the future for men, women, and androids to gather and read about how life was back thousands of years ago in the year 2000.

The main flagship library is called the Burton Barr Central Library after a local businessman, politician, and World War II hero. At 280,000 square feet, the place is massive!

The library recently reopened after the sprinkler system kicked in after it mistook dust from a windstorm for smoke. And where there is smoke, there is usually fire, but not in this case. The sprinkler’s water flow hit all five floors and shut the library down for a whole year. While the rebuilding and redecorating took place, a temporary site was set up downtown for patrons to obtain books. 

The flagship building’s ultra-modern design was completed in 1995 and holds over one million books.

The library sponsors a rotating local art exhibit and has a local Phoenix history exhibit. I’m standing next to an old printing press on display. And I thought self-publishing on a computer was challenging! An interior fountain pond combo (not from the sprinkler system) is located on the ground floor, and upstairs visitors have excellent views of the city. Worth a visit if you are in the State of Arizona! 

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