Who Am I?

I’m a novelist and can officially say that now since I finished writing my first book last month. I’m searching for a literary agent that will help me get my book to readers like you. Having a web-site is all part of the writer’s platform, and I hope to fill it with tantalizing, bite-sized treats about my novel or other equally strange stories that are completely calorie free. So if you are trying to cut back on calories, turn to my web-site instead of your nightly dessert. And when I can, my muse and I want to return to Kat. She is currently being held hostage by land pirates on the Indonesian island called West Timor. But I’m getting ahead of myself and don’t want to ruin the surprises in a sequel.

My novel, AQUAVIT – WATER OF LIFE, tells the story of Kathryn “Kat” Jensen, and the ordeal she goes through to take a well-deserved, extended vacation. Kat and I have some similarities. We both worked as Internal Audit executives on Wall Street, and while certain days were exciting and challenging, some were pure drudgery and downright painful. But we’ve looked back on the better days and dream of what might have been if things were different. And our muse has tons of great ideas. I should apologize right now for putting Kat through all sorts of heartbreak and mini-disasters. Luckily, she’s tough and will manage her way through it!  Just like I did.

Questions or comments? Email me. Karenstensgaard@yahoo.com