Libraries Round the World: Winterthur

America’s ultra-special Winterthur Estate with a museum, garden, and library is in a state nicknamed the First State, Small Wonder, and the Diamond State. It’s Delaware! The first of our 13 colonies to ratify the Constitution and our second smallest state but so photo-worthy. Virginian Thomas Jefferson called it the jewel of the Eastern Seaboard.  … More Libraries Round the World: Winterthur

Libraries Round the World: A German Town in Texas

Boerne, Texas, about 30 miles north of San Antonio’s Alamo, was settled in 1849 by a group of intellectuals and free-thinking Germans immigrants. They spoke Latin together and supported abolition, an unpopular and dangerous opinion before the Civil War. Many Germans waited out the war in Mexico to avoid ending up in “dead man’s hole,” … More Libraries Round the World: A German Town in Texas