About Me

Thanks for visiting my website and blog! I’m a writer with three novels published so far. I enjoy traveling and often this involves a cruise ship or a boat ride. That’s probably why my first two novels involved a woman going on voyage into the great unknown! Even my third novel involves some time onboard a yacht. Details about each book are on separate website pages.

Quite a handful but I’m ready to welcome more!

Lately, I’ve been photo-blogging about fascinating libraries, both public and private, that were unexpectedly lots of fun to visit. If you’d like to get these random, monthly traveling library and other unusual blog updates, click the follow button at the bottom of this page or under the blogs.

For questions or comments on my books or blog, please contact me. I set up a page with how to do it. It gets lonely writing all alone with just Maddie-my-Muse. I love to get feedback especially if it’s upbeat. Negatives reviews really hurt. 

A Trio of Unusual Novels

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All the best from a Karen who cares,

Karen Stensgaard

Taking a break with a mermaid reading one of my novels! An unexpected and perfectly inspiring gift from a fan.

P.S. For those looking for a more official bio:

Karen Stensgaard has published three novels: AQUAVIT and BLUENESS in the Aquamarine Sea series; and PROJECT ONION in the Melville Consulting series. Her latest novel taps into her former career as an internal auditor and consultant in New York City. Karen’s a member of the Authors Guild and the Alliance of Independent Authors. 

Stay in touch on social media and via karenstensgaard.com with a monthly travel photo blog or join her Facebook Novelist page. On YouTube, she has some videos and music playlists for her books. Photos illustrate some characters and scenes in her novels on Pinterest. Karen is also on Instagram and Twitter.