Project Onion

I’m thrilled to announce the long awaited publication of PROJECT ONION, my third novel, featuring the unusual but brave heroine Kathryn “Kat” Jensen.

This novel starts the exiting, new series called Melville Consulting. Yes, this has something to do with the classic novel Moby-Dick. Her boss Jackson Chow loves the novelist and former whaler Herman Melville.

Welcoming Project Onion to the Library!

Kat is home, broke, and has returned to her old life back in New York City. But everything is different and her new audit consulting job quickly becomes extremely dangerous. Investigating a notorious drug trafficker’s bank accounts can lead to life-threatening complications!

Out of work and options, Kat joins Melville Consulting, a friend’s secretive investigative firm. Her first project involves unraveling the elaborate money-laundering scheme used by a drug lord nicknamed El Rey, or The King. Based on her analysis, the banks freeze his accounts. Furious, El Rey storms their office, threatening to kill her boss. The drug czar gets arrested, but Kat is badly shaken and wants to quit.

Except auditing jobs aren’t easy to find after she took a year off to go on an unusual bucket-list voyage, and now she is broke. Memories of Kat’s brother, who lost the battle against drug addiction, and the much-needed paycheck convince her to try again. But when Kat unexpectedly meets El Rey, her life is in danger, since now he wants revenge.

Looks dangerous to me!

PROJECT ONION features an unexpectedly resilient businesswoman who decides to fight back. This suspense novel blends crime, time travel, and romance with multiple twists and turns.

Here’s a short video clip I used for an Imagine Entertainment Hollywood film contest before the book was published. If anyone wants the screenplay to make the movie version, let me know. I’d love to see the story unfold on a large or small screen!

Currently, the novel is available as a trade paperback and ebook on Amazon. Other booksellers should load it soon, and I will update this webpage with more links.


Here’s the first three chapters in a PDF to read or download. Maybe it’s something for you. My books don’t fit neatly into any one genre and are unusual. All I want to do is tell a fun and entertaining story that is different from everything else out there.

Or you can read free chapters directly on the web via Amazon with their preview function:

Unfortunately, three backstory and flashback chapters slowed down the pace in PROJECT ONION and added to an already too long page count. So, I removed them, but other authors suggested sharing them on my website. Here’s a link, if you are interested.

And if you’d like to try the Mystique Cocktail mentioned in this novel, here’s another video from my YouTube channel..The recipe is written below the video, easy to make, and delicious. I sure hope the novel “tastes good” this good!

Project Onion, the screenplay for a two hour feature film, is now available to filmmakers via Script Revolution which is opening the doors wide for screenwriters and novelists like me. And my screenplay is now registered with the WGA – the Writers Guild of America East. Here’s a view of what’s out there for the Hollywood types, if you are curious. Link: