A Bit About Aquavit

Aquavit is a real Scandinavian liquor that helped inspire my first novel. Imagine having several months to escape from your daily routine. Where do you go and what do you do?  Kat Jensen boldly decides to go on a sea voyage on an old clipper ship. But was this the right decision? Follow along on her adventures starting with Aquavit, Book 1 in the Aquamarine Sea series.


L to R:  Real, real book with imaginary story, and custom made bottle.

Planning a vacation was never so complicated or dangerous. After a traumatic night, businesswoman Kat Jensen de-stresses with shots of Scandinavian aquavit known as ‘water of life’ liquor. With her audit consulting business closing and nothing keeping her at home in New York City, Kat has a few months before starting another job search. She decides to do something special –  a cruise onboard an old clipper sailing ship pictured on an aquavit bottle. Despite finding a fantastic voyage and itinerary, Kat is forced to resolve continual issues while juggling dates with three men. After arriving in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the ship’s scheduled departure, scary omens and worries threaten all her plans.