Aquavit (a novel)

Aquavit “water of life” is a real Scandinavian liquor that inspired my first novel. 

With the publication of BLUENESS in 2019, AQUAVIT’s ebook is currently free. Amazon warned me that they control free pricing, so please download soon if you are interested. You can also order through other booksellers.

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Imagine having several months to escape from your daily routine. Where do you go and what do you do? Kat Jensen boldly decides to go on a sea voyage on an old clipper ship. But was this the right decision? Follow along on her adventures starting with Aquavit, the first book in the Aquamarine Sea series.

Want to taste the novel first? Good idea! Here’s a PDF with the first 3 chapters.


L to R:  Norwegian Linie Aquavit, my real book with an imaginary story & my specially designed bottle for the book’s cover shot.

If you’d like to see a tasting demo and hear more about the variations among Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian aquavits, watch my short video on YouTube. If the image below doesn’t show up or play, try this link.  Youtube Aquavit tasting   

Another crazy cat video from my YouTube channel. Please note: This was her own unscripted idea. She wasn’t harmed – only water! If the image below doesn’t show up or play, try this link. YouTube Cosette in action!

Kat Jensen and I have a few things in common. We love music! Here is a playlist from the book that my husband put together. He happened to have all this music on CD’s. Enjoy!

The AQUAVIT Novel Music Playlist