The Aquamarine Series includes two novels so far: AQUAVIT and now BLUENESS. The alphabetical order was accidental, but I’ll take any help I can get. I don’t plan to make it to Z though!


AQUAVIT tells the story of Kat Jensen, a restless NYC businesswoman, eager to go away on a once-in-a-lifetime bucket-list vacation on an old sailing ship. For more information, refer to the tabs on AQUAVIT for more info.

BLUENESS continues Kat Jensen’s adventures in the Aquamarine Sea series. But it’s not the turquoise Caribbean hue you might be dreaming of right about now. This one is a cold, dark, and dangerous North Sea voyage from Denmark to England in November and Kat definitely wasn’t too happy about it.

If you didn’t read AQUAVIT and want to dive straight into BLUENESS, you shouldn’t be lost or need a life raft.

And for those interested in finding out about the King of Denmark cocktail, watch the video from my YouTube channel. In Chapter 5, Kat tries this drink for the first time with the captain and second mate. The results that follow are disastrous for her. But don’t worry she’s pretty tough and manages! But I can assure you, I’ve had no ill effects. Hint: Add more water!

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