Libraries Round the World: In the Desert with Snakes!

No kidding – “thair’s snakes in them thair hills!”

The Desert Foothills Library outside Phoenix, Arizona in the historic old Western town named Cave Creek has signs warning “beware of snakes.” 

If they aren’t poisonous, I’m not afraid of them. We didn’t see any, but a friendly librarian confirmed they are definitely out there. Of course, where else are they going to live? Pprobably sleeping somewhere in the shade during the heat of the day.  Even in December, it was warm. Signs warn visitors, like nutty ones from Philadelphia, about other local AZ wildlife.

The inside of the ultra-modern library was colorful with wavy-edged bookcases and open with high ceilings.

The library has a fantastic outdoor patio with views of the Tonto National Forest. After we left, I realized we missed the short walk from the library to Saguaro Ridge with panoramic views of downtown Phoenix. Had to save it for next time. And who knows, maybe then a snake will slither by to say hello!

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