Libraries Round the World: San Antonio, Texas 

San Antonio brings to mind BBQ, the Alamo, Tex-Mex, and Spurs basketball. But a short walk from the river downtown lies a remarkable blend of books and art housed inside a state-of-the-art ‘enchilada red’ library. Mexican Modernist Central Library Built in 1995 Over nine-hundred hand-blown pieces of glass hang from a metal frame inside the … More Libraries Round the World: San Antonio, Texas 

Getting A Bit Better

Just like the book’s cover teases, who wouldn’t want to be Smarter, Faster & Better? This book repeats some tried and true advice but also includes new stories and insights making it a worthwhile read. The writing style is business-casual and informative, reminiscent of Malcolm Gladwell.  300 Pages of Worthwhile Advice Author Charles Duhigg analyzed … More Getting A Bit Better