Libraries Round the World: San Antonio, Texas 

San Antonio brings to mind BBQ, the Alamo, Tex-Mex, and Spurs basketball. But a short walk from the river downtown lies a remarkable blend of books and art housed inside a state-of-the-art ‘enchilada red’ library.

Mexican Modernist Central Library Built in 1995

Over nine-hundred hand-blown pieces of glass hang from a metal frame inside the library’s massive atrium. The Chihuly-designed multi-colored behemoth was a gift to celebrate the library’s 100th anniversary.


Fiesta Tower by Dale Chihuly, Seattle-Based Artist

In the basement of the Central Library, stop by the Book Cellar with library books withdrawn from circulation, donated books, and some rare books for sale. Prices are as low as $1 with frequent promotions.

Volunteer Mom in the Library’s Book Cellar
Across the street from the library, consider visiting the historic Ursuline Convent dating from 1851. The limestone building houses a small museum and cafe open to the public. Art, shown in the hallways, is available for purchase. Ursuline is associated with the Southwest School of Arts also open to the public. Ursuline is near the Riverwalk and not too far from the central hub with boat rides and access to the Alamo.


                   Historic Ursuline Convent & Indoor Cafe 
Little known fact: Amazon named my hometown San Antonio the “most romantic city in the U.S.” based on purchases of romance books, movies, and other products. And while my novel isn’t a traditional romance, there are a few romantic liaisons.
For more information, check out the link to:  Karen’s Amazon Page

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  1. I’ve been wanting to go to Saint Helena island. A very hard place to get to – a tiny set of islands in between S. America & Africa. But a site for a future book so would be great to see in person.


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