Don’t Forget Xena

I wrote what’s called an Anaphora (a poem with a repeating word) for my monthly writing class. I was asked to read it out loud; I knew it would be hard, but I got through it. So sad since my poor Xena, my soulmate, is slowing dying of cancer.



  • how you and your sister Petra arrived after foster homes and two stays at Animal Control?when you started out as Xena Malina Chavez, the feisty Mexican street fighter, beating up your sister?
  • the days when you were secretive, on a mission and hiding out like a Russian spy named Malinsky?
  • the times you were contemplative and spiritual as Tikka Malina, a Hindu Goddess, after Petra left?
  • all those memories we shared and no one, not even time itself, can take them away. But most of all,
  • how much we love you Xena and always will.

My novel is dedicated to Xena and her sister Petra, who died a year before. Both from mammary cancer.

What do you think?

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