Reading Widely & Wildly

Fun reading challenge to keep you busy and not bored this summer! Read 52 books by year-end with only 4+ months left. Popsugar’s zany checklist includes a bunch of books that may require outside help and mental stretching to find one that fits. But here’s a few hints. My novel AQUAVIT will help you get there! You could check off at least 4 (but per the rules, you can only pick 1): a book involving travel, published in 2017, about an interesting woman, or the first book in a series. Good luck & keep reading great stories.

For the list & details (with ideas on their Instagram feed): Popsugar’s challenge


Even little newcomer Cosette is getting started!

Aquavit is now also available via Apple’s iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook, and other ebook retailers. Select libraries have access to the e-version.

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