Lions & Tigers & Bears: Oh, Yes!

Dorothy and her pals, even the wizard, and the witches, would all agree – the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s current exhibit “It Is Getting Wild!” is incredible. The art show focuses in on global wildlife photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols with a mix of photography, videos clips of animals in the wild, and complimentary art from the museum’s collection.


Hippo Surfing (Tiny Part of Nichol’s Full Wall Masterpiece)

If you can’t make it to Philadelphia before it ends on September 17th, the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C. is continuing the Wild exhibit from October 12th into January 2018.

If you can’t make it to either museum, order a copy of the companion book, A Wild Life: A Visual Biography of Michael Nichols. Book link  


A few of his photos were painful to see. A suffering chimp chained and held captive in a basement. He was rescued but later died from the effect of alcohol abuse forced upon him. Another heartbreaking photo of a chimp shows his arms tied over his head, a pool of blood above his head, and medical testing needles ready to go. The horror of drug testing on animals at a New York lab that you hear about but don’t visualize. Hard as it was to view in a large-scale color photograph, hopefully, it will help push the search for alternative and more humane methods.

To end on a happier note, here’s his photo of a beautiful curious serval from the cat family.


And if you are interested in a book by a fellow animal lover, here you go:


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