Danish Flying Tigers Invade NYC

Yes, you read that headline right! But not real tigers from a zoo or nature park. Flying Tigers Copenhagen is a chain of stores from Denmark. And they flew about 4,000 miles over the Atlantic to set up shop here in the USA. With three locations in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn, they have claimed their turf.


Upper West Location Behind the Museum of Natural History

Flying Tiger shops sell a mix of discount wares for home, office, and parties. A bit of a mini-Swedish Ikea without the furniture. Lots of practical products with a fun, whimsical touch and bargain prices. So if you can resist you’ve got stronger willpower than I do. If you’re still in disbelief, here’s a link to their website. Flying Tigers USA


Interior View of the Goodies

Flying Tiger is quite the name. Who said Danes don’t have a great sense of humor? And if you aren’t sure where the Great Danes hail from, here is a map from the shop.


The Red Arrow Points the Way to the Kingdom of Denmark

And what might this have to do with me and my book?  My heroine, Kat Jensen, in a last-minute mad rush visited one in Copenhagen (called Lion in my book) to get some glass bottles and old style containers. Don’t ask me why she needs to do this. You have to read the book! Sample chapters to see if it’s for you are on Amazon and other retailers.  Aquavit on Amazon Link


A Personal Reminder in the Facilities of the Flying Tiger 

So what are you waiting for? If you’re in NYC, go check out a Flying Tiger, and put in a request for my Aquavit. Maybe they will stock it! After all, it doesn’t require a liquor license. And being sugar-free and zero calories, a healthy form of escapism!

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