Libraries Round the World: A Liquefying Brandy Library

Hidden away in TriBeCa at 25 North Moore and Varick, you’ll find a unique library. But whatever ‘book’ you check out has to be finished inside the bar. As you can tell, this isn’t your usual library, but I couldn’t resist a visit, and the husband was eager to browse and check something out.


The library even has some books! But most of the inventory is bottles. Not just brandy but almost everything you can imagine from all over the world.

TriBeCa, aka the Triangle Below Canal Street for non-New Yorkers, is an old manufacturing part of town, and North Moore still has some five-story warehouses from the late 1800’s. Some even have the original cast-iron loading areas and signs.

A massive telephone book-sized ‘library’ menu includes a novella-length book of cocktails. I ordered The Magic Carpet cocktail made with singani, elderflower, and champagne. Delicious! If you are wondering, Singani is a Bolivian brandy made from white Muscat of Alexandria grapes. Learn something every day is my motto, especially in a library.


Scanning the menu again online, I found my next one: The Librarian made with cognac, ruby port, and crème de framboise. They also have courses to help newbies and aficionados do more in-depth hands-on and glass-up training covering whiskey, bourbon, cognac and more. They even have a Cinco de Mayo Mexican tequila tasting next year on Cinco de Mayo. For more details: Brandy Library Website


And for history buffs, nearby the condo-converted 20 North Moore was the last residence of John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his wife.

Alas, if you’d like to try some Scandinavian ‘water of life’ aquavit at the Brandy Library you are currently out of luck. Aquavit liquor is a rare and exotic find like my novel. But you can read all about it here: Aquavit on Amazon

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