Libraries Round the World: For the Fashionista & Movie Watcher

Spring has finally arrived, and with it a desire to lighten up and skip the heavy layers, especially if you live in the chilly North or East coast. So, here’s an update to get you out of your winter coat. Unless you plan to do some time-traveling, like in my second novel BLUENESS, you may want to just see the photos. Dressing back in the 1700s and 1800s was work, especially for the ladies. 

Atlanta Georgia’s SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion and Film recently hosted a special exhibit called CINEMATIC COUTURE. The show featured over 50 costumes labeled with the actors who wore them and in which film. Sadly, it ended the first weekend in March, but they have regular, ongoing events scheduled. For more info, check out their website:

And besides a “library” of costumes, the gift shop, contained a collection of fashion and design books. SCAD FASH is part of the Savannah College of Art and Design and encouraged by fashion royalty Diane von Furstenberg. 

Costumes weren’t hidden behind glass, so it was easy to get up close for a 360-degree view of the impressive details crucial for the school’s students. Period films represented included among many others: Titanic, Sense and Sensibility, Out of Africa, The Duchess, and The Danish Girl. 

Besides movie costumes, several were from popular period TV shows. Downton Abbey? Check! So, if you happen to be in the ‘big peach,’ visit the SCAD FASH and see an exhibit. You won’t see this one, but who knows? You might see a design inspired or used in an up and coming movie or TV show.

A view of downtown Atlanta from the museum’s balcony:

Karen Stensgaard is the author of two books, AQUAVIT and BLUENESS. Neither novel is explicitly focused on fashion, but everyone is wearing something, so of course I mention their outfits. And, it got tricky, since the time travel element in my second book required characters to dress in costumes similar to some in the exhibit. But I refuse to tell you more and ruin the surprise!

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