Libraries Round the World: Build Your Own

Why not create a mini-library? And what better way to do this than to attend a local book festival, hear some authors discuss their books, and come home with some autographed books that you can’t wait to read. You’ll be well on your way to having a one-of-a-kind personal library. 

San Antonio’s Enchilada Red Main Library Looms Over the 2019 Book Festival

Many book festivals are free, and they are held all over the world. My hometown of San Antonio, Texas has one every year on a full Saturday in April. Many authors had a Texas connection with a wide mix of fiction, nonfiction, young adult, and books for kids.

Please Don’t Tell Me This Doesn’t Sound Like Fun!

With a simple google search, you should be able to find one near you, or in a city you’d like to visit. To get you started, I found some websites that might help:

For American-based festivals:

For some global festivals:

One of Many Fascinating Author Panels at the Festival

And for writers and nearly everyone else who says they have a book idea ready to go, sometimes you get some useful advice. One successful author, a former journalist, suggested:

  • Start with a hook (something attention grabbing!)
  • Be brief – imagine every word costs you $1
  • Meet deadlines 
  • Accuracy is key even in novels 
  • Make it seem real 

So, why are you waiting? Find a book festival and put it on your calendar. Have some fun while you socialize in the world of books and authors. And who knows? You and your book might be next.

Karen Stensgaard with her two novels and plans for more.

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