Libraries Round the World: A Special English Castle Owned by Dog Lovers

Chatsworth Castle, England
Driving over the bridge on the Chatsworth estate

The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire live in Chatsworth, one of the most impressive castles in the world.

Chatsworth Castle, England
The grand entrance hall (notice the dog statue)

The Cavendish family’s Chatsworth Castle has an amazing library with a special exhibit on dogs this year! 

Chatsworth Castle, England
Another dog guarding the private part of the library
Chatsworth Castle, England
More of the library with the grand piano

If you aren’t familiar with English nobility, a duke is at the top of the pyramid just under royalty. In fact, Princess Diana, the people’s princess, had a Spencer aunt who married into the family (more on her later). According to one of the friendly tour guides, Shy Di had a garden party, and likely stayed here. 

Chatsworth Castle, England
A view of the castle from the gardens
Chatsworth Castle, England
I wonder if Princess Diana slept here?
Chatsworth Castle, England
Or maybe in this really fancy bedroom.

I have so many photos and information to tell that this blog is in danger of turning into a full-blown book. So, I won’t write much but put in more photos with captions. You can always google their website if you want more info.  Wikipedia also has a detailed description. 

Chatsworth Castle, England
First dinner party in this room held for future Q Victoria in 1832 when she was just 13

Probably not on their website: The 2008 movie, The Dutchess, starring Keira Knightley, brought to the big screen Georgiana (Spencer) Cavendish, one of their most fascinating and wild duchesses. 

Chatsworth Castle, England
A popular Victorian spot – the grotto & cave. I wonder if Georgiana hid inside?
Chatsworth Castle, England
A monkey puzzle tree & garden view – popular in the Victoria times

Karen Stensgaard is the author of two novels: AQUAVIT and BLUENESS. A monkey puzzle tree and magical shell grotto, not that unlike what’s at Chatsworth, are part of the story in BLUENESS.

Chatsworth Castle, England
How the heck do you climb them? asked the frustrated monkey & writer!

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