Cruising to the Blues On the Delaware

Video clip from the Spirit of Philadelphia’s Annual Blues Cruise on 25 Sept 2016:

Every year, or at least for the past three years, the Spirit of Philadelphia cruise line offers a blues cruise with lunch on the Delaware River. Last Sunday, my husband, some friends, and I made our annual trek to Penn’s Landing for an afternoon with plenty of blues, food, and drink.


The musical line-up varies but never disappoints. From the moment we boarded the ship about one p.m., the music was intoxicatingly loud and clear. A dance floor in front of the band was filled nearly the entire trip. As soon as one band ended, another started, and a group jam was part of the finale.


View of the band over by the windows with the dance floor in front.

The food is buffet all-you-can-eat and not a dull spread of the same old same old. The cruise ends about four p.m. back at Penn’s Landing where we started. And how could I forget? The blues cruise price includes free wine and beer, and I started my day with a friendly welcoming mimosa.

I didn’t make any videos of the musicians and interfere with their creative rights. The line-up included Vanessa Collier and Mikey Junior who performs at The Twisted Tail frequently. All the musicians put on such a good show and performance they’d be worth seeing again without the cruise.

I almost hate to spread the word since it is so good and sells out every year. So keep it quiet and just between us, okay?

Here’s a link to the Spirit of Philadelphia’s website for more information.


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