Sam & Cherie – A Love Story

I got in the mood to write my own limerick after hearing quite a few at the annual graveyard “Death is a Cabaret, Ol’ Chum” show a few weeks ago. In between musical numbers, they include some short limericks that are funny, racy, and even raunchy. The annual event, part of Philly’s Fringe Festival, takes place at night among the tombstones at the picturesque Laurel Hill cemetery overlooking the Schuylkill River.

Warning: I’m not a poet! But this was fun to write, so you might enjoy it. At least it doesn’t have anything to do with politics!  

My Limerick – Sam & Cherie

There once was a man named Sam.
He was a charmer but went on the lam.
You see, his thingy got stuck,
So Sam was all out of luck,
And all he could say was “God damn.”

There once was a girl named Cherie.
She had golden hair like a fairy.
She fell in love with Sam,
But when he disappeared on the lam,
All she could say was “Oh, dearie.”

Then one day they met at a bar.
In a nearby town, so not that far.
They shared a beer or two,
And then after a trip to the loo,
They went for a ride in Sam’s car.

They drove over to Sam’s place.
So they could be alone face-to-face.
They hugged and then kissed some more,
And very soon they were on the floor,
Sam touched Cherie and felt her soft lace.

Cherie was ready and pulled at his zipper.
But nervous Sam was quicker.
His thingy got loose and fell out,
And with it all of Sam’s worries and doubt.
So nine months later they had a little dipper!

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