The Sad State of the SS US

Well, this isn’t quite the upbeat story like my recent blog on the Moshulu. This poor lady, the SS U.S. aka Steam Ship United States, as you can see in the video from last Sunday isn’t looking too good. But hopefully, her saga will end with a happily ever after.

She was built in 1952 so not much older than me, but she’s seen better days particularly when she won world records crossing the Atlantic. She is thin and aerodynamic in the water and built for speed and grace.

The sleek ship reminds me of the Concorde supersonic jet now also out of commission. One is on loan from British Airways and can be explored at The Museum of Flight located near Seattle.

Currently, the SS US is docked on the Delaware River south of Penn’s Landing, and a nonprofit organization, the SS United States Conservancy, is trying to save her. Previously, her interiors were sold and also stripped again when asbestos removal took place in Turkey.

Last I heard she might be towed back to New York City and be a floating hotel similar to the successful Queen Mary on the West Coast. Another option that I haven’t heard talked about would be turning her into an artificial reef for fish and scuba divers.

If you want a view of her and don’t have a boat to see her from the water, stop by the Ikea store off Columbus Boulevard and enjoy the view from the café with some Swedish treats.

For more information on the ship and her current status, check out the conservation society’s website:

What do you think?

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