Cruising On Board a Clipper Tall Ship

About a year ago while I was writing my novel AQUAVIT, I researched cruises on clipper ships. My main character and heroine, Kat Jensen, wants to escape from New York City and a series of events and messages, including the picture on the bottle, lead her to plan a cruise on a clipper ship.

updated cover May 6

The Deep Desire – For Her & Me

I’ve been on many cruises and sailings ships, including the now defunct Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, but not a clipper ship. During my web search for a cruise line that might fit, I found Star Clippers. Here’s a link to their website with photos, more details, and upcoming cruises.  Star Clipper Website

When I received their brochure last year, I told my husband this is the trip we have to take for our anniversary in May. I hoped to have my book published by then, and barely made my self-imposed deadline. The cruise on a clipper ship was the perfect way to celebrate my first novel with some research for the rest of the series. Life imitating art and vice versa.


Finally On Board Prior to Night Departure

The Star Clipper cruise line has three ships, and we were onboard the Star Flyer for a week sailing in the Aegean Sea from the port of Piraeus, near Athens, Greece. We had one day at sea with no port visit and stopped in several Greek ports including Rhodes, Santorini, and Ermioni, a substitution for Hydra because of heavy winds. A real sign of being at sea on a sailing ship when the weather dictates your route and the unexpected happens. Two Turkish ports were the highlight: Bodrum and off the beaten path at the Dalynan River.


Safety Comes First With a Drill Even Before Departure

For someone looking for a different type of cruise or wanting to experience what life might have been like on a clipper ship with modern conveniences, this is the cruise for you.

My novel AQUAVIT with free sample chapters is now available on Amazon. Here’s a link to Karen’s Amazon Author Page

More blog updates with photos to follow from my unique and real-life clipper ship sailing adventure.



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