Announcing My New Novel & An Old Novel Now Free!

In recognition of my second novel, BLUENESS, published this month, Amazon has agreed to make my first book, AQUAVIT, a free ebook. But they control for how long. AQUAVIT tells the story of Kat Jensen, a restless NYC businesswoman, eager to go away on a once-in-a-lifetime bucket-list vacation on an old sailing ship. First Hint: See what looks like a fairy tale sailing ship on the bottle!

My first novel AQUAVIT published in May 2018.

BLUENESS continues Kat’s adventures in the Aquamarine Sea series. But it’s not the turquoise Caribbean hue you might be dreaming of right about now. This one is a cold, dark, and dangerous North Sea voyage from Denmark to England in November. Kat definitely wasn’t too happy about it, but I hope my AQUAVIT fans and new readers are! If you didn’t read the first book and dive straight into BLUENESS, you shouldn’t be lost. Second hint: Her ship isn’t in a bottle, but she might have preferred that!


Without doing any paid advertising, lots of free ebook downloads have already taken place. AQUAVIT is now ranked #107 in their women’s fiction action & adventure Kindle free category.

Both AQUAVIT and BLUENESS are available in paperback or ebook from lots of online retailers. My novels aren’t easy to classify and won’t appeal to everyone, so please read some free chapters first. But don’t wait too long. Since Amazon controls the free pricing, so I’m not sure how long it will last.

Links to Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble for both books are below. If you are brave enough to take the plunge, please let me know if you like it or leave a review. That helps me get the word out in a massively crowded marketplace. My goal is to make the next book even better. Thanks!



Amazon paperback & free ebook:
Apple iTunes free ebook:
Barnes & Noble paperback & free ebook:


Amazon paperback & ebook:
Apple iTunes ebook:
Barnes & Noble ebook:

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