Goodreads Giveaway for Project Onion

Goodreads is a website devoted to helping you find and keep track of your list of “good reads.” Amazon owns it now, but it’s still a free website with 90 million-plus global users. You can sign up to enter giveaways for free print and eBooks for your Kindle from bestselling authors and unknowns like me. 

Here’s a link to sign up for one of 100 free eBook copies of my latest novel Project Onion. But hurry, the giveaway ends on January 7! Sign up for a freebie.

If you don’t win one with Goodreads, I’m investigating other ways to give out free books. I want anyone interested to get easy access and plan to keep it priced low at $2.99. But please read the free chapters available at booksellers or on my website. Project Onion is unusual and not for everyone! I’m so thrilled when readers ask about the next one!

And even if you aren’t into genre-mixed, rule-breaking books like mine, check out the other giveaways and support authors. Or sign up to create a free Goodreads account. A great first step to knock out a New Year’s resolution to read more books in 2022 and beyond. Plenty of stories and their authors are waiting for readers like you! Check out Goodreads here

Karen Stensgaard is a novelist with three books out there in the crowded WWW of books. She’s trying to spread the word about Project Onion, especially when it’s free. Her black tabby cat Cosette is a reluctant marketer too!

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