Libraries Round the World: Holiday Lights on the Pecos River

New Mexico’s Carlsbad City Library should win a prize for holiday decorations with the best I’ve seen so far. The whole block was lit up and a wonderful surprise for a relatively small city. Later, after a boat ride on the Pecos River, I understood why.

Carlsbad City Library

The night lights were so unexpected, I returned the next day to see the outdoor statues and go inside the library.

Now, back to the library …

The library’s local NM section.

After the European immigrants arrived, the settlement was named Eddy in 1888 after a local rancher. Later town was renamed Carlsbad after the Bohemian town of Karlsbad (in English, Karl’s Bath) to capitalize on their local mineral springs. Today Bohemia is part of Czechia, formerly called the Czech Republic.

A photo history of the town inside the library.
And back outside to see the colorful mural next door to the library.

Carlsbad is a convenient place to stay when touring the Carlsbad Cavern’s National Park, about 20 miles south towards the border with Texas. And I highly recommend visiting!

Inside the vast dark caverns!
The Pecos River was once the demarcation point for the Wild West. 

Today both sides of the northern part of the river are lined with opulent residences which go all out with holiday decorations. The city celebrates with an annual nighttime boat ride called “Christmas on the Pecos,” running to December 31st. The decorations were incredible, and many had a Wild West theme. And now for some enchanting river photos for some extra holiday spirit!

After the amazing sunset, we are ready to go!

Karen Stensgaard is a novelist and is always amazed at the fascinating variety of libraries to visit. Her latest novel, PROJECT ONION, is in a Goodreads Giveaway until Jan 8. Link to Goodreads Giveaway

Happy holidays and here’s to a better 2022!

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