Last Day to Enter for Free Ebook

Happy 2022 Everyone!

The onions are out in force!

Today (January 7) is the grand finale to enter and win a free ebook of my latest PROJECT ONION! Over 500 people have signed up already to get one! I’m giving away the maximum of 100 ebooks via Goodreads for Kindle Readers. Unfortunately, their ebook giveaways are only valid in the USA. More details about the book and giveaway are on the Goodreads website.

P.S. If don’t get one this time, I will try to do some other giveaways later. Book and Goodreads details are in the link below.

 Enter here on Goodreads!

Karen Stensgaard is a novelist and writes from Philadelphia, the city of brotherly and sisterly love. Project Onion is her third novel, and what she thinks might be her best so far. Today’s snowy view from her window with the sun shining on the little onion.

What do you think?

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