Libraries Round the World: Where Peafowl Roam

Glendale, Arizona has an unusual group of patrons hanging around their entrance and even sitting on their benches. Peafowl, aka peacocks and peahens, have taken roost! And for this species of pheasants, the men are easy to tell apart. They have the fancy tails and do a dance to get a woman interested. Oh, to be a peahen in my next life!


The peafowl gang technically live in the historic Sahuaro ranch park next door. According to a friendly librarian, they prefer hanging around the grounds of the library. Cultural birds!


Glendale’s main library has many unique gardens open to the public around the building that promote Xeriscape water-efficient landscaping. The areas include a garden habitat, a cactus garden, tree and serpentine trails, and more.


A 44-mile canal was built in 1885 bringing irrigation and much-needed water for the desert homesteaders. The Sahuaro ranch park is a fascinating look at what life was like in the late 1800s on a 2000-acre ranch. The city bought 80 acres of the ranch in 1977 including 13 historic buildings, a rose garden, barnyard, and orchards.


Below, I’m posing with a Spineless Yucca since my childhood nickname was Yucca Marie. As a New Year’s Resolution, I’ll try to follow their sensible advice.


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